14 Nov 2011

Time Lapse from ISS

Shown in this vimeo video are time lapse photographs taken by Ron Garan and the crew of expedition 28 and 29 on the International Space Station from August to October 2011.  The vimeo info goes on to say that the images were most likely at an altitude of 350 km using a high ISO HD Camera.

 Source: Vimeo

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09 Nov 2011

While not the closest encounter with an asteroid (See a previous article on this subject), Earth has still dodged another proverbial astronomical bullet when it comes to larger asteroid collision courses.  This was the closest encounter with an asteroid this large in 35 years, another close encounter with an object this size (that we know of at this time) will not occur again until 2028.  Scientist have said that if this particular object had struck the Earth it would have created a crater 4 miles wide and around 1700 feet deep.  The size of a crater created by such an impact depend on many factors such as angle of trajectory, density and composition and where they strike on the Earth.

Asteroid 2005 YU55 ended up coming within 201,700 miles (324,600 kilometers) of Earth, closer than originally predicted.  This occurred at 6:28pm EST (2328 GMT) Tuesday evening, then continued on its way at 29,000 mph (46,700 kph).  As noted in our previous article, this rock was about 1300 feet (400 meters) wide.   Check out the video clip after the break...

08 Nov 2011

We have established a Google+ Pages front end for our site now.

You can find us at our google plus pages location here.

Or by clicking the logo in the main menu

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08 Nov 2011

JPLNews recently released a video showing a stitching of 309 images taken on Opportunity Rover's 13-mile trek on Mars.  It highlights the trek from Victoria crater to Endeavour crater.  Rover planners captured a "horizon photograph" at the end of each drive.

Video after the break

08 Nov 2011

Google now has opened things up to business and brands.  It has taken awhile for this to happen but its finally here.  They are really giving other social networking sites like Facebook a run for the money with their more efficient stream features and organization.  

At first it may seem there is little to distinguish a Page from a regular individual account.  In fact, you can add Pages to any of your regular Circles while Page creators can post things just the same and be involved in Hangouts.

Google also announced Direct Connect for searching for Google+ Pages.  How do you do this?  Just type "+Google" or "+CompanyName/ProductName", for instance, "+Angry Birds" in a Google search box and you will go to the page.  All this began rolling out November 7th to some and as of November 8th is available to everyone.

Video from Google and how to set-up Google+ for business after the break

04 Nov 2011
Radar image of the asteroid 2005 YU55, taken in April by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico 

Credit:  NASA/Cornell/Arecibo

An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will zip in between the Earth and the moon on Tuesday November 8th.  This asteroid is called 2005 YU55.  Scientists say it poses no threat the Earth but will be watched by many astronomers around the globe.  The size of the asteroid is around 1300 feet.  It is round and black as coal.

The closest passing will be at 6:28pm EST (2328 GMT) at 201,700 miles, keeping in mind the distance between the Earth and moon on average is about 238,854 miles.

It's the first time since 1976 an object this big has grazed the Earth at this distance.

Astronomers will utilize many telescopes to get us much data on the asteroid as possible, including spectroscopic measurements of the asteroid to measure its composition as well.

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