10 Jun 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E17: Your Screen is Leaking was recorded on Saturday June 9th, 2012.


Facebook's App Center launches, iOS 6 confirmed, Microsoft SmartGlass, touchscreen tacticle keyboards, Windows 8 Release Preview details, a new treament for prostate cancer and more.

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06 Jun 2012

Are you frustrated with sending messages from your smartphone because you mistype on the cumbersome onscreen keyboard?  Those days could be a thing of the past thanks to Tactus Technology, who has demonstrated a technology that allows for a tactile keyboard that appears and disappears on the screen like magic.

21 May 2012

There is a new motion control startup in town called Leap Motion.  Leap Motion demoed its Leap 3D motion control system that is capable of tracking motion to about 0.01mm accuracy.  This is 100 times more accurate than Kinect.  Leap creates a 3D space of about four cubic feet.  It consists of a small USB device with sensors and cameras that work in tandem with the company's software to track multiple objects and recognize gestures.  Leap Motion states that their software can be embedded into almost anything with an onboard computer from phones to refrigerators.  Users can also customize their needs with custom gestures and sensitivities as well as chain multiple leap devices to create a larger 3D workspace.

16 May 2012

Verizon has revealed from their communications CFO, Fran Shammo that they will be getting rid of any grandfathered unlimited data plans.  This came from a presentation given by Shammo at the JP Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom conference.  Yet another anti-consumer move by communications companies.

Shammo said, "Everyone will be on data share," and everyone will be forced onto Verizon's new shared data plans once the upgrade cycle comes.

16 May 2012

Researchers at the Tokyo University have achieved 3Gbps transfers over a 542GHz wireless connection, part of the 300GHz-3THz terahertz band.  This is twice the speed record held by chip producer Rohm which was set back in November which achieved 1.5Gbps transfers on a 300GHz connection.

11 May 2012

According to Foxconn chief Terry Gou, his company is in the process of preparing to produce an Apple Television.

Gou held a news conference in Shanghai about his company's future plans.  During this conference he mentioned that Foxconn is preparing to produce the long-rumored television.  Development and manufacturing hasn't begun just yet though.

10 May 2012

Worried about outsiders sniffing your wi-fi to gain access to your computer?  Say hello to Wi-Fi wallpaper, thanks to researchers at France's Grenoble Institut Polytechnique and the Center Technique du Papier.  A Finish materials company called Ahlstrom plans to introduce affordable consumer versions of this wallpaper that blocks wi-fi signals.  It will be commercially known as Metapaper and be available in 2013 in France, no word on a U.S. release date.

The wallpaper can block signals in the 2.45 to 5.5 GHz range, while still allowing television, FM and mobile phone signals to pass.  Metapaper can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as concrete, brick and plaster and you can even paint over it. 

There was an original version that was known as Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) sheeting developed years ago by BAE systems for the U.K. telecommunications firm Ofcom.  It was designed to prevent unauthorized access to private Wi-Fi signals.  However, it was too expensive.  10 square feet would have cost about $800 USD.

There was also a paint developed in 2009 by Japanese scientists that blocked Wi-Fi.

Source:  PCMag

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02 May 2012
Derek Low, a Berkeley student has created an automated dorm room called BRAD. (Credit: Derek Low)

Derek Low, a college freshman at Berkeley, has turned his dorm room into a futuristic smart home.  His high tech room is complete with automated window shades, voice-activated lights and presets for college situations like the "emergency party button."  He recently released a video demo of his dorm room, which has stirred up online attention as well as the attention from his school.  He received notice that he must appear at a judicial hearing. 

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