28 Apr 2014

There are lots of pre-fab NAS options out there such as Drobo or Synology devices, but with the right parts you can build a home built system for a bit less with a lot more expandability and flexibility than those other options.  In this article I'll outline my own custom build of a NAS server and the equipment I used to make it all possible.  I used some spare parts and shelving to make for a more convenient setup over the short term without the need for a rack initially.  In some ways this article is an update to this setup I've been running for awhile, showing its been a venerable setup in the longer run so far.

03 Apr 2013

With the growing use of home media servers and home theater PCs (HTPCs), many of us now turn to larger capacity hard drives.  The traditional trend is to use a server with hardware RAID to take many smaller drives and turn them in to one larger drive for media, but many software based RAID options now exist to help keep the hardware cost down and simplify making large arrays that are protected from hardware failure.  Keep in mind that RAID is never a substitute for backup, however.  In this article we take a look at the software solution called FlexRAID, which can let your computer and take hard drives and act as a NAS (network attached storage).

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