20 Feb 2013

The future of wearable tech is just around the corner with that of Google Glass.  Want a sneak peek at how this will work, then check out the video below for an example and details on how you might be able to get your own Glass device sooner than imagined.

15 Jan 2013


We talk about CES 2013 highlights, including the 4K TV from Samsung, the Razer Edge and Nvidia Shield Gaming tablets, is Apple making a low cost iPhone, Amazon AutoRip, billions of Earth size planets in the galaxy and more.

08 Jan 2013

Here is the live feed from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presented by the Tech Podcast Network (TPN), which we are affiliated with.  CES 2013 begins January 8th in Las Vegas, NV.  Watch interviews and see various vendors from the show here.

25 Nov 2012

REX Game Studios released REX Latitude on 11-22-12 as promised.  In this article I'll go over the prerequisites, the install and usage and thoughts on the new add-on for the venerable Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D.  Check out our video at the end of the article for a brief overview of the Latitude interface as well.  Latitude is a great way to log your flight characteristics and learn from those results and compare yourself to other pilots in an "online Career" if you choose to upload your stats.

20 Nov 2012

If you have kids and you have modern gadgets such as iOS and Android tablets and phones, then you know how kids love to play games such as Angry Birds on these devices.  However, like most parents you are probably a little apprehensive about handing over your gadgets to your kids and walking away due to the lack of default parental controls.  This is where a device like the Nabi 2 really shines, as it has a kid-safe interface which you as a parent have full control over.  For the price of around $199 its very competitive and it gives you the best of both an "adult" tablet and a kid-safe interface for your children to use.

20 Nov 2012


We've talked about the Nabi 2 on some of our Podcasts and outlined its features in this review.  You can take your Nabi 2 to a whole new level by "rooting" your Nabi 2 Tablet thanks to "jmztaylor" on the xda-developers website.  Rooting means you can install Android apps from the Google Play Store and other apps such as YouTube, which you can't unless the device has root level access.

14 Jun 2012

This is a review/guide I did of this fantastic RC Aircraft, the Multiplex Twinstar II electric I had built several years ago.  Its a fantastic model to fly, made of foam and fairly indestructible.  The standard kit comes with regular electric motors and nicad batteries.  For my build I upped things a bit and went brushless and Lipo (lithium polymer).  I also have some newer FPV keychain HD 720p video which you can view by clicking here.

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