07 Jan 2013

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just days away, came a big announcement from NVIDIA revealing its Project Shield gaming device.

20 Nov 2012

If you have kids and you have modern gadgets such as iOS and Android tablets and phones, then you know how kids love to play games such as Angry Birds on these devices.  However, like most parents you are probably a little apprehensive about handing over your gadgets to your kids and walking away due to the lack of default parental controls.  This is where a device like the Nabi 2 really shines, as it has a kid-safe interface which you as a parent have full control over.  For the price of around $199 its very competitive and it gives you the best of both an "adult" tablet and a kid-safe interface for your children to use.

20 Nov 2012


We've talked about the Nabi 2 on some of our Podcasts and outlined its features in this review.  You can take your Nabi 2 to a whole new level by "rooting" your Nabi 2 Tablet thanks to "jmztaylor" on the xda-developers website.  Rooting means you can install Android apps from the Google Play Store and other apps such as YouTube, which you can't unless the device has root level access.

11 Oct 2012

A recent letter was sent from OnLive's assignee to their creditors which revealed the company and its assets were sold for just $4.8 million.  The document reveals that the sale occurred a few days before massive layoffs took place in the streaming company.

19 Aug 2012

We first talked about the wealth of rumors the other day indicating that OnLive was going bankrupt and employees were leaving the company on our Podcast.  Well it turned out there was truth to at least some of the rumors and speculation.  The restructured OnLive has issued an press release and FAQ to attempt to clear things up.

02 Aug 2012

Star Wars the Old Republic, developed by Electronic Arts and Bioware has announced via their blog that the game would have a free to play option sometime this fall.

30 Jul 2012

Previously there was the super expensive relic Stadium Events from the Nintendo Entertainment system.  Well move over and make room for a US prototype of The Legend of Zelda for $150,000.  eBay seller tjcurtin1 has a Nintendo of America prototype that is dated "2-23-87" along with a retail release copy that is still sealed.

27 Jul 2012

The cloud gaming platform OnLive will be coming to the Kickstarter-Funded console Ouya in 2013 when Ouya debuts, according to both companies.  In a post on the OnLive official blog today, OnLive general manager Bruce Grove stated that OnLive would be available on Ouya when the console hits the market in March of 2013.

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