15 Jan 2016

With Windows 10 there is no way via the gui or control panel, to set the amount of items that can appear in a given jump list.  Its pretty much limited to 10 items at any given time.  Well there is good news, as there is a registry hack that can enable many more, instantly.

28 Apr 2014

There are lots of pre-fab NAS options out there such as Drobo or Synology devices, but with the right parts you can build a home built system for a bit less with a lot more expandability and flexibility than those other options.  In this article I'll outline my own custom build of a NAS server and the equipment I used to make it all possible.  I used some spare parts and shelving to make for a more convenient setup over the short term without the need for a rack initially.  In some ways this article is an update to this setup I've been running for awhile, showing its been a venerable setup in the longer run so far.

03 Apr 2013

With the growing use of home media servers and home theater PCs (HTPCs), many of us now turn to larger capacity hard drives.  The traditional trend is to use a server with hardware RAID to take many smaller drives and turn them in to one larger drive for media, but many software based RAID options now exist to help keep the hardware cost down and simplify making large arrays that are protected from hardware failure.  Keep in mind that RAID is never a substitute for backup, however.  In this article we take a look at the software solution called FlexRAID, which can let your computer and take hard drives and act as a NAS (network attached storage).

28 Mar 2013

Recently, NewEgg had a fantastic price on this Seagate STCA4000100 4TB USB 3.0 external hard drive.  It was at that time I decided to purchase three of these to move to a more traditional NAS setup, either with a Drobo style NAS or a home built server based design.  I'll have more on the home built variety in a future article, but for now I wanted to show everyone the method to cracking this guy open and some test results on the drive itself, which in most cases is a 5900 RPM drive, unless you were one of the ones that ended up with a 7200 rpm model.  This whole process actually takes less than five minutes and should not void the warranty.

25 Mar 2013

If you have ever run into a hard drive you wanted to re-format or use and it was labelled as a "GPT Protective Partition", here are the steps you can take, from within Windows to get the ready for action again.

20 Feb 2013

As we know and have mentioned on our Podcast several times, Surface RT is highly restricted to only one single x86 legacy program and that is the Office software that comes on the tablet.  All other x86 legacy applications can't run on the device, until now.  Thanks to mamaich on the XDA developer forum, the ARM tablet can run classic windows games in fact, at least some.

18 Feb 2013

One issue that is run into with Windows 8 is that you can't have Hyper-V enabled and use Vmware Workstation at the same time.  That is, you can use them both at once.  But you can get them to work by creating an extra boot option and rebooting into the proper mode.

07 Feb 2013

If you have encountered this annoying prompt when double-clicking on attachments in Outlook, fear not, there is a way to avoid it each time.  This fix applies to Outlook 2007 and above (including 2013).

The Issue

As with any increase in security, Microsoft has become tighter with security in Outlook in particular.  Microsoft has set it to prompt you in case the file you are clicking on is a malicious attachment.  The problem is, you can't uncheck the box so that you can just directly open the attachment.  If you are running a decent antivirus program such as Nod32 or free ones like AVG or Microsoft's Security Essentials, then these attachments will be checked automatically by default.

The Solution

Again, as a word of caution, only perform this action if you already have an anti-virus program installed on your computer that checks attachments for viruses and malicious code.  And of course never open attachments from anyone you don't know.

The simplest solution to fixing this is to hold down the shift key while right clicking on your Outlook shortcut.  Choose "Run as Administrator."  Now go back to the email with the attachment in question and uncheck the box "always ask before opening this type of file" and click open. 

After this, close Outlook and reopen Outlook as you normally would (no need to run as Administrator after the change is made, only when selecting a new file type to change).  Now each time you double-click on that particular type of document whether its a .doc, .html etc, it will automatically open.  Remember you will need repeat the Administrator procedure with each file type that you want to auto open on double click.

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