06 Feb 2013

There is a bug in Skyrim that makes it impossible to defeat Alduin when you encounter him.  This bug has existed for a while, but in case you are unaware of how to get around it, here are a few tips to help fix this glitch.

20 Dec 2012

Many may have already figured out the secret to backing up or saving your Start Screen with Windows 8.  You spend loads of time getting it just right, but want to make sure that if all is lost you can restore it.  That is done by backing up the appsfolder.itemdata-ms file in your appdata\local\microsoft\windows folder and restoring as need be.  But what if you want to customize it so that every user on the machine sees the same Start Screen.  There is a way...

11 Dec 2012

I have a TrackIR device which I use primarily with Flight Simulator X, and ran into an issue out of the blue.  Nothing was changed on my system and it was running fine previously, using version 5.1 of the software.  Suddenly when TrackIR would load it would simply say "error" in a dialogue box and then close.  To get past this error I discovered that the checkbox under OpenGL Settings called "Triple Buffering" was causing the issue.  Simply un-checking the box has made the error go away. 

Thus far, even at this writing, version 5.2 of their software has not fixed this glitch.  This was with my ATI 5850 card combined with Windows 8 x64 RTM (and the latest Windows updates).

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11 Dec 2012

If you want to see all your Windows 8 settings in one "Control Panel" style view, there is a real simple way to achieve this called the GodMode (windows 7 had a similar trick).  Simply right click anywhere on your desktop or in windows explorer, create a new folder.  Give it the following name:

All Settings .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Now, when you double click that "folder" you are presented with the all settings view.  You can make a shortcut to this folder and pin it to Start or to the Taskbar as desired.

Use this QR code in a QR reader application on mobile to open quickly on a mobile device

07 Sep 2012


If you were one of the lucky ones who was able to acquire a Windows 8 MCE key from the online store, before Microsoft decided to hold off until October 26th to release them, then you may have run into this situation.  There isn't an obvious way to downgrade from Windows 8 MCE to another version of the operating system.  The same isn't true if you were going from Pro to Core for instance.  So after some experimentation I was able to come up with this solution which I tested and worked.

16 Aug 2012

As you begin downloading and installing the new bits for Visual Studio 2012 RTM, you may find yourself looking at the menu and hating the all caps presentation that Microsoft has now decided to use.  Rest easy, there is a way to revert back to the old style.

08 Aug 2012

Microsoft has made it known that attempts to bypass the Metro (or whatever new name they choose to give it) interface, will not work in Windows 8 RTM.  But there is a way to get around this behavior and have Windows 8 boot straight to the desktop.

12 Jul 2012

If you had previously performed an upgrade of Windows 8 with a different browser set as default, other than IE; Or if you ran a fresh install of Windows 8 and changed the default browser to something other than Internet Explorer then you have ran into the missing Metro IE version issue.  The solution is pretty simple and I actually covered it as part of my Windows 8 Upgrade article, but I am also including it here for ease of reading.

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