02 May 2012
Derek Low, a Berkeley student has created an automated dorm room called BRAD. (Credit: Derek Low)

Derek Low, a college freshman at Berkeley, has turned his dorm room into a futuristic smart home.  His high tech room is complete with automated window shades, voice-activated lights and presets for college situations like the "emergency party button."  He recently released a video demo of his dorm room, which has stirred up online attention as well as the attention from his school.  He received notice that he must appear at a judicial hearing. 

11 Apr 2012

Ever wished that you could defeat Bowser literally right from your coffee table with giant built in buttons?  Well, your dreams have come true with the fully-functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.  This is the creation of Charles Lushear that has combined old school entertainment with maple wood and craftsmanship.  Simply plug into an existing classic NES system and go to town.  The table also features a removable glass top with retractable cord to use the furniture as just a table when you are done playing Mario.

The table dimensions are 42" long x 18.25" wide and 18" high and is yours for a cool $3500 from Etsy.

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11 Apr 2012

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is pondering the sanity or lack their of in Google's Project Glass.  "In New York City, that mother* is going to get hit by a car."  This in reaction to anyone wearing Google's new augmented-reality glasses.

Stewart goes on to say that Google is after all, the "world's biggest database of people whizzing in public."  Using Google Glasses would be as if these people "are peeing right in your eye."

He didn't stop there, he went on to rant about the Instagram photo app and the recent acquisition by Facebook.  After the app was explained to him he reacted "Wow.  That's really lame."

He was told that the purchase price was $1 billion, then reacted with "A billion dollars of money? For a thing that kind of ruins your pictures?"

Stewart's senior youth correspondent Jessica Williams explained that it was cheaper than a time machine to make your pictures look like they were taken in the 60s.

"Old people never like new or fun things," explained Williams.

So it is true, an idea that cost $0 about 17 months ago, suddenly turns into $1 billion dollars today.  Who will be the next winner in the "turn something ridiculously simple into something worth billions" game?  Time will certainly tell that story.

Source:  thedailyshow.com (The Social Networth)

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04 Apr 2012

Your GPS blurts out, "Warning heavy traffic detected in route, 4 miles ahead.  Would you like to re-route?"  You think, no, and instead issue the voice command, "Set destination to nearest CarPort runway."  It's the near future and you are in your Terrafugia Transition vehicle, also known as a "roadable aircraft".  After heading to the closest "CarPort" you hit the runway near the parking lot which now features a take off strip for such vehicles and soar at 115 miles per hour towards your destination.

This is the future proposed by many flying car manufacturers.  The Terrafugia Transition has two seats, four wheels and folding wings with a propeller. 

The New York Post is reporting that the Terrafugia will be unveiled at the New York International Auto Show April 6th through the 15th at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

The Transition flies at a top speed of 115 miles per hour and has a range of 500 miles, while on the road it will top out at 70 miles per hour and get 35 miles to gallon using unleaded gasoline.  It has all the features of regular vehicles like airbags, crumple zones and seat belts.  The price, a mere $279,000 once it is available. 

21 Mar 2012

Ever wished you could take a picture of something just around the next corner.  Well, Ramesh Raskar and a team from MIT's Media Lab have done something like this.  Through the use of lasers, the camera can gather images of objects hidden behind walls and then construct a 3D model.

The camera sends lasers off of visible walls and scattered photons reach the target object.  The time it takes for the photons to come back to the camera are recorded and repeated 60 times each time the laser is fired at a different position.  The image gets recorded each time and an algorithm is used to create a 3D model of the target, similar to how a CAT scan is done.  It takes several minutes to generate the model as of now, but the team hopes to shrink that to 10 seconds.  This technique could be useful for hard to reach or dangerous areas.

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02 Nov 2011

ipad 3d gestures

Move over fingers, there is a new way to control your Apple device.  In the future you may be able to control a tablet from across a room using 3D gestures, such as swirling or swiping your hand.  A newly revealed Apple patent, indicates you will be able to manipulate/control graphical elements on the display like icons and media files.  There are many forms for the gestures (E.g. half-circle or square or symbols like question marks).

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