10 Jan 2012

Unless you have already hacked the Xbox 360 Kinect and are already using it on Windows to remotely control and gesture your sidekick robot, now there is a reason to be excited.  The official Windows version is being released on February 1st.  You can pre-order it now for a mere $249.99 (read sarcasm, as the Kinect with games on 360 is $120).  This version has the ability to focus on objects 50 cm from the lens, which is fantastic considering the current setup requires at least 5 feet of distance.  The intention of the device is to use in conjunction with Kinect for Windows Commercial SDK or applications that have been developed using the SDK.  It won't be long now, you will probably see this Kinect if not future streamlined versions of it in your business meetings.

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09 Jan 2012

CNET is reporting on a new 3D printer being released by Cubify in the first quarter of 2012, showcased at CES.  It will be available for the very low price of $1299.  While still not quite mass consumer accessible price wise, its features certainly look intriguing.

They tout users like a Father, Mother, or anyway, will be able to use their services on their website to make 3D objects (Beginning January 10th 2012).  End users can submit designs for objects to the website as well.  In addition users can also use the cloud 3D print service to have things delivered to their house without the need for a 3D printer.

Check out the video via CNET below:

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01 Nov 2011

Remember back when Kinect was just a new fad? Frankly I have the device and I can tell you that its pretty fantastic in the gaming realm, but as time moves on, we appear to be poised to see more and more practical applications for the device hit the market. Many have already been showcased on internet threads, such as a cool way to have interactive presentations in a business setting to those of managing personal finances to scientific research tools. These uses have been termed hacks. So perhaps as a result, Microsoft is planning its own commercial SDK for the device. Early next year it is due to be released. After the break is also a video clip showing the many possibilities Kinect has to offer.

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