06 Feb 2013

There is a bug in Skyrim that makes it impossible to defeat Alduin when you encounter him.  This bug has existed for a while, but in case you are unaware of how to get around it, here are a few tips to help fix this glitch.

12 Apr 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 13:  Tech Stew Unlocked, recorded on Thursday April 12th, 2012


North Koreas rocket blows up, skyrim gets Kinect support, the Sony SmartWatch, the Google Plus redesign, a working Nintendo controller coffee table, Facebook buys instagram for $1billion, Viking detected life on Mars and more.  

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02 Apr 2012

The PlayStation 4, that many believe is going to be called the Orbis, will ship before Microsoft's next-generation console, according to a source that spoke to VG247.

The source claims that the PS4 plans were set "at least" two years ago and Sony is "confident" that it will release the PS4 before the next Xbox.  Indications seem to indicate this would be around the holiday of 2013.

It was also mentioned from the source, that many partners (such as Ubisoft) and their developers are already working on the next console.

VG247 also states that parts of the PlayStation Vita's launch hardware were modified to make sure the PS4 and PS Vita would work similar to the Wii U and its controller (The Wii U is debuting this holiday season).  PS4 games will be playable using the PS Vita controller.

Sony has stated previously that it has no plans to bring the new system to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in the summer.  E3 runs June 5th through the 7th.

Source:  VG247

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