29 Apr 2013


In this episode we interview Brano Kemen of Outerra and discuss his world rendering engine.

16 Apr 2013


Bing search results contain more malware than Google's, hacker uses android to remotely hijack home built jet, the next Xbox will control your TV, NASA plans to snag an asteroid, NAS Software options for RAID, Orbx releases Southern Alaska and more.

05 Mar 2013


We talk about World Mobile Congress highlights, the Six Strikes Copyright Alert System takes effect, free particle accelerators around Saturn, shocking craters on the Moon, did a UFO take out the meteor in Russia, new games and more.

26 Feb 2013


Google announces their Chromebook, we dig into the heart of the PS4 announcement, Cold Fusion at NASA, a possible manned Mars mission by 2018 and more.

19 Feb 2013


Bill Gates calls for more innovation at Microsoft, the Apple Smartwatch, Intel working on an online tv service, asteroids and the ISON the comet of the century is coming and more.

04 Feb 2013


Twitter announces Vine, PlayStation 4 announcement coming soon, Rim renamed Blackberry, we take a look at some Windows 8 Tablets and Hybrids, a new asteroid mining venture is announced, talk about ways of getting to Mars, some fresh new add-ons for FSX and more.

15 Jan 2013


We talk about CES 2013 highlights, including the 4K TV from Samsung, the Razer Edge and Nvidia Shield Gaming tablets, is Apple making a low cost iPhone, Amazon AutoRip, billions of Earth size planets in the galaxy and more.

20 Dec 2012


We talk with the guys from the REX Game Studios team, a cutting edge add-on creator for FSX and Prepar3D Flight Simulators, discuss the launch of Tvii, Google Maps, Mars organic compounds and more.

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