05 Jun 2012

With all the current buzz related to Space and exploration, none really have definitive plans to set up a colony on Mars.  Enter a new private space venture called Mars One, a company from the Netherlands.  They aim to send four astronauts on a one way trip to Mars in just 11 years.

04 Jun 2012

It's a very good sign for a cancer drug when a clinical trial is shut down so that every participating patient can receive it.  That's exactly what has happened with Johnson & Johnson's Zytiga.


Zytiga was approved last year for advanced prostate cancer patients who had already received chemo but whose cancer had still metastasized.  Prostate cancer is usually treatable if caught early.  Each year 200,000 men develop the cancer.  If the cancer spreads it usually ends up in the bones where it is resistant to normal testosterone-blocking hormonal therapies.

31 May 2012
2004 Transit of Venus in front of the Sun.  Scientists hope to use the 2012 transit to help boost the ability to study other world's atmospheres.

Astronomers world-wide will use advanced telescopes and other instruments to watch Venus cross the Sun on June 5th and 6th.  This transit will help scientists find clues in the hunt for other planets where life may exist and will be the last transit of Venus until 2117, particularly in the study of their atmospheres.

30 May 2012

Luna-24 was the last Soviet mission to the moon.  It returned to Earth with water-rich rock samples from beneath the lunar surface only to be ignored by the West.  New research uncovers this story from obscurity.

Watery Evidence

For years the idea of water on the moon has excited science fiction fans and scientists alike.  It was always believed in the past that the moon was dry.  But in recent years evidence of the existence of water began to mount starting with the Clementine mission in 1994.  Clementine was America's first return to the moon in twenty years.

29 May 2012
100-Year Starship plans to develop technologies for interstellar travel. Artist impression of Interplanetary Society's Daedalus unmanned starship. (Credit Adrian Mann)

We've recently talked about the interstellar starship on our podcast and discussed it in the recent article here on the website, well now more interstellar excitement is beginning to heat up.  These topics are no longer just for the realm of science fiction and Star Trek.  Now a group of interstellar enthusiasts being headed by an ex-NASA astronaut are embracing the issue of the vast distances involved and are working on a solution.  To help bolster their cause they are being backed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to begin their work.

25 May 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E16: Whoa Not So Fast was recorded on Friday May 25th, 2012.


Facebook launches a camera app, Windows 8 booting too fast, Leap Motion control system, Verizon kills grandfathered unlimited plans, SpaceX docks with iss and more.

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24 May 2012

Now that we are discovering hundreds of extrasolar planets, the next logical jump will be to discuss finding ways to reach the star systems of some of those planets, particularly ones that are only a few light years away.  Remotely analyzing these planets with telescopes is great but it may never fully prove whether life exists there or has evolved into sentient beings.  So how do we get to the stars?  The biggest science fiction method, particularly that of Star Trek, has always involved antimatter.

16 May 2012

In 2011, Cathy Hutchinson, a paralyzed woman, lifted a cup for the first time in 15 years using a robotic arm that was controlled by her thoughts.  This was thanks to a project called BrainGate2, which is getting us closer to where prosthetic or robotic arms can allow people to re-gain their limbs.

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