14 May 2012
Eastman Kodak Co.'s californium neutron flux multiplier (CFX), acquired in 1974. (Credit: Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

Talk about a Kodak moment, in this case how did the Kodak camera company manage to house a nuclear reactor along with weapons-grade uranium in its basement from 1978 until 2006? Sources are reporting that in Rochester, N.Y., the home area of Kodak there was a nuclear reactor housed there intended for research.

14 May 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E15: Back to the Dark Ages was recorded on Friday May 11th, 2012.


Rumors of the Apple Television resurface, Microsoft only allowing Internet Explorer with Windows RT, No DVD playback out of the box with Windows 8, the Xbox subscription plan, JUICE to explore the moons of Jupiter, Wi-fi Wallpaper and more.

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03 May 2012
EADS Astrium suborbital space plane will take passengers 62 miles above the Earth and back. (Credit: EADS Astrium)

EADS Astrium plans on offering seats for 200,000 Euros for a trip to the edge of space at 62 miles (100 kilometers) complete with several minutes of weightlessness in a suborbital flight.  All through that of a luxury rocket plane that resembles a business jet.  Meanwhile the European Space Agency (ESA) has been encouraging the development of similar suborbital concept vehicles that would work for vital space laboratory experiments.  They coined the new concept vehicle the Vinci space plane.

03 May 2012
Artist's impression of the JUICE spacecraft. (Credit: ESA/AOES)

Prepare to get JUICEd up on science and that of Jupiter's icy moons and Jupiter itself.  The European Space Agency has given the go for a mission to the icy moons and Jupiter called JUICE, which stands for JUpiter ICy moons Explorer. 

02 May 2012

(Credit: istockphoto)

A recent study has shown that among older adults, participants who used a computer and did moderate physical activity such as brisk walking were 64% less likely to have mild cognitive impairment (MCI). 

Many worry about how much memory their computer has to run the latest program, this new study shows that using your computer (and exercising) may help your own memory in the long run, avoiding MCI. 

Mild cognitive impairment or MCI is a condition where people experience a decline in their cognitive function, including memory and language but can still perform day-to-day activities.

In this study computer use and physical activity reduced the risk of memory loss, but just doing one activity or the other alone did not.

01 May 2012


A 22-mile wide asteroid, 433 Erros could contain trillions of dollars of precious metals, but its ownership debatable. CREDIT: NASA

We haven't even begun to work on the big task of getting to the asteroids to mine them for their precious metals.  There is a topic that you may be wondering.  Who owns rights to the asteroids?

According to Planetary Resources co-founder Eric Anderson, a US company has the right to an asteroid and its resources.  He also says that its a goal of the US government to enable and promote such commercial activities in space.

This is the United States view on asteroids, but there is a 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty that may say otherwise.

27 Apr 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 14:  Why Microsoft Why, was recorded on Thursday April 26th, 2012

Summary:  Intel's Ivy Bridge launch, SkyDrive updates, Windows 8 versions, Windows RT, mining metals on asteroids, chips to see through clothes, Cutting the ice on Europa and more

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24 Apr 2012


Credit: Stone Aerospace

Future extraterrestrial robots may use high-powered laser beams to penetrate the thick layers of ice on Jupiter's moon Europa and search for life.  This is what inventor and explorer Bill Stone has in mind and told attendees at NASA's Astrobiology Science Conference in Atlanta.  His company, Stone Aerospace, has been at work on a six-foot by ten inch robotic cylinder called Valkyrie.

The idea is that the power plant is left on the surface of the moon, with the high-powered laser traveling down miles of fiber-optic cable.

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