10 Jun 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast E17: Your Screen is Leaking was recorded on Saturday June 9th, 2012.


Facebook's App Center launches, iOS 6 confirmed, Microsoft SmartGlass, touchscreen tacticle keyboards, Windows 8 Release Preview details, a new treament for prostate cancer and more.

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05 Jun 2012

If you are a big Mass Effect fan then you have something to look forward to if you get the Wii U this holiday season.  During the Nintendo E3 press conference they have revealed that BioWare's Mass Effect 3 RPG will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U.  According to the Bioware Twitter feed, Mass Effect 3 will also be a launch title.

Mass Effect 3 is built on the Unreal Engine 3, which is built by Epic Games.  It is likely more Unreal Engine 3 ports will follow to the Wii U in the near future.

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05 Jun 2012

Nintendo originally said that the Wii U would only support one of the unique gamepads on one system.  Now during Nintendo's live E3 keynote, they have stated the final version of the console will support two.  What this means is that it will be possible to have even ground two-player games instead of making a friend using the older Wii Remote and Nunchuk.  Details on the cost of the gamepad have not been made public as of yet, nor whether Gamepad-to-Gamepad play will work.

The Wii U Gamepad will consist of a 6.2-inch touchscreen and a stylus for other input options.  It also has an infrared transceiver, accelerometer and gyroscope along with the traditional rumble feature.

Source: Cnet

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04 Apr 2012

This fall, Nintendo is expected to be the first company to introduce a next-generation console.  The Wii U will have HD graphics support and a new tablet-style controller.  These new features would typically excite many developers, but already many developers are all ready turned off.

Weaker Graphics than the Xbox 360 and PS3

Many believe its the graphic system of the Wii U.  Developers told GamesIndustry International that the Wii U is "just not as powerful" as the PS3 or Xbox 360.  Mind you these consoles have been around for ages now.  Another developer said that "there aren't as many shaders, it's not as capable."

This will come as a shock to many consumers that are expecting a new console that is designed at least five years beyond the Xbox 360 and PS3 to be more powerful, the Wii U's specs are technically less than these consoles.  The designing of a console though, often involves more than just giving it more graphic power, as that comes with a price.  For example, the latest Nvidia GPU in conjunction with a powerful CPU may yield a cost that is around $1000 or more.  

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