11 Dec 2012

If you want to see all your Windows 8 settings in one "Control Panel" style view, there is a real simple way to achieve this called the GodMode (windows 7 had a similar trick).  Simply right click anywhere on your desktop or in windows explorer, create a new folder.  Give it the following name:

All Settings .{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Now, when you double click that "folder" you are presented with the all settings view.  You can make a shortcut to this folder and pin it to Start or to the Taskbar as desired.

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25 Oct 2012

For a limited time, Microsoft is offering the Media Center add-on for Windows 8 Pro as a free option.  At least according to the information on Microsoft's website located here.

They are offering this from October 26th 2012 through January 31st 2013, limited to one key per email address.  You have to activate the product key by January 31st 2013 as well.  The regular pricing on this add-on is $9.99.  It is likely that if you use this link today, that the key won't be emailed until tomorrow.  What isn't clear at this time is that if you must activate before January 31st 2013, what happens if you rebuild and reactivate your system after this point?  I'm sure details on this will follow.

Note that if you try to do the upgrade from the Control Panel in Windows 8 they will charge you the full $9.99 fee, so be sure to use the web link above.

Use this QR code in a QR reader application on mobile to open quickly on a mobile device

12 Oct 2012

Adding to the list of recent Microsoft RTM's, they have announced that Office 2013 is at RTM, which also includes SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, Project 2013, Lync 2013, Visio 2013 and the Office 365 service.

08 Oct 2012

If you have been struggling with figuring out how to install the IIS Remote Manager software for Windows 8, there is a really simple way to get it done.  It is done straight from the existing IIS Manager tool in Windows 8.

07 Sep 2012


If you were one of the lucky ones who was able to acquire a Windows 8 MCE key from the online store, before Microsoft decided to hold off until October 26th to release them, then you may have run into this situation.  There isn't an obvious way to downgrade from Windows 8 MCE to another version of the operating system.  The same isn't true if you were going from Pro to Core for instance.  So after some experimentation I was able to come up with this solution which I tested and worked.

21 Aug 2012

In the past Microsoft has only offered either a full retail license, retail upgrade and OEM license.  If you build your own PC as it stands today, you are expected to buy a full retail copy of Windows because the fine print states that individual use of the OEM is prohibited.  The OEM has always been the cheaper of the bunch, however.  Now with Windows 8 this all changes.

21 Aug 2012

So you have installed the new SkyDrive client for Windows 7 or Windows 8 and realize that Mesh is no longer supported.  SkyDrive asks you to pick a single folder to sync contents from device to device or onto the SkyDrive website.  Essentially you are forced to copy any files and folders you want synced into the SkyDrive sync folder.  There is a way around this and in this article I will show you how to use a Junction Point to trick the SkyDrive sync tool into synching other folders outside of the sync one.

21 Aug 2012

If you don't feel like waiting till next month for the official RTM version of the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 RTM then there is a workaround you can use for now.  The official RTM version of the tools isn't due out till next month because this is the official launch time frame of Windows Server 2012 as well.  If you try to install the Release Preview version of RSAT you are greeted with an error.

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