12 Mar 2012

Feeling lost without the Start Button in Windows 8?  Just cant live without it?  I am not a personal fan of hacking Windows 8 to behave like an operating system that originates in 1995, but if you feel inclined, here is how.  Start8 is a utility from StarDock that will restore the Start  Button in the Taskbar.

You install it and then its back where it always was (in the past).  You just click the desktop from the Start Screen to see it.  After clicking it, you see a Metro styled Start Menu (see you can't escape the future completely).

Start8 is a free download and can be found here.

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09 Mar 2012

If you choose to live in the world of Windows 7 and the past, despite having Windows 8, then there is a way for you to do this.  Using the following technique you can have desktop mode load right at start up, after you log in, skipping the initial Metro interface.  This could also be useful for testing in some cases.

Step 1:  Explorer scf script

Open notepad and place the following inside:


Now save file as "showmydesktop.scf" and place somewhere you can get at it later, like c:\myscripts  

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