15 Nov 2011

The Higgs boson is a particle which has been theorized, but yet to be observed in the   lab.  This particle is thought to give all other particles their mass and is often referred to as the "God Particle".  Scientists have been searching for it via the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Switzerland since 2008.  Future attempts to observe the particle using the LHC have will have to wait until 2012, as they have wrapped up their work for 2011 in relation to Higgs.

In 2010, an Italian physicist reported that he heard rumors Fermilab in Illinois at the Tevatron reported that they may have found a “light Higgs boson”.  Nothing official was ever reported to the public though.

Earlier this year the LHC was colliding protons inside the 17-mile (27 kilometer) loop.  Scientist have theorized that the energy created from the resultant collision would be high enough to make the theoretical Higgs particle visible.

Even this year in 2011, it was initially thought they had found the illusive particle with this report.  It was later reported that their results, which initially looked promising had become insignificant due to a fine tuning of the data and expected range of energies where the Higgs Boson may exist.

For the remainder of 2011 they will be colliding heavier, lead ions.

Scientists have already included the Higgs Boson in their calculations for the Standard Model of particle physics.  For their theory to be correct the particle must exist, otherwise they must find something to replace the particle.

Source:  Cbsnews

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