15 Nov 2011

As of November 11th, Microsoft has been rolling out its Xbox 360 fall dashboard update to its public program (beta) members, though as of last month registration into the program is closed.  The new dashboard features the Windows Phone 7's Metro style interface with a number of new enhancements.  Microsoft has added cloud storage for profiles and saves, as well as Kinect driven voice recognition and gesture support, particularly for the new Bing Search app that will be part of the dashboard.  They have also added live TV programming and social tools that will let your friends know what you are doing in 360 land.

Microsoft has removed "My Xbox" and replaced it with "Social".  The new feature called Beacons is a feature that will let people "mark" what tiles they want to play and alert friends without having to stay waiting in the game.  You will be able to set three active beacons and have optional descriptions, visible to everyone immediately on the website and through Windows Phone through Xbox Live Requests.  So after the Fall Update is live, 360 owners will be alerted when friends are in those tiles and can then join in.

Zune video content has been added, though you can't watch it from the website itself, Xbox.com users can browse content and subscribe to things to rent or buy later on the 360, Windows Phone device when they are turned on, much like you can queue demos and other xbox content to download at a later time via the website.

The Xbox Live Live TV feature will likely let you specify your broadband/tv provider and then live tv will work through the xbox live dashboard interface.

Here are some examples of what things will look like:

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