01 Dec 2011

Microsoft released information about a Windows Live Skydrive service upgrade.  Their quote is a “simpler app-centric sharing for Office, powerful file management and easier uploads with HTML5."

Here is the list...
File management

They have tweaked some features here, allowing instant renaming or creating of folders inline without viewing properties first.  You can also download multiple files in bulk.

App Centric sharing

Previously you couldn’t just share a doc from within an Office app, you had to go out to the Skydrive web site.

HTML5 uploads/CSS3 Transitions in IE10

There won't be a need for Silverlight in IE10 to drag and drop files.  IE 10 is in Windows 8.  IE10 features CSS3 animations on resizing albums.

Photo enhancements

Slideshows are better and work faster.  IE 10 and mobile safari users can use their fingers and multi-touch.

PDF and RAW photos support

They have added support for these types of files.

Despite all these changes, there is still no built in option for Skydrive sync of folders or mapping drive letters.  Windows Live Photo Gallery offers sync of photos, but for users that organize their photos by folder, this is a drawback.  There is always the option of Gladinet Cloud Desktop plus a sync program like SyncBackPro, but even this is buggy at times.  Some other sync programs dont work with Gladinet and syncing to a Windows Skydrive mapped drive letter, such as SyncToy, which is a shame, because its a pretty good sync program and is free.

Here is a video clip of the updated sharing and file management:

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