01 Dec 2011

There will probably be less coffee sipping and snoozing in your chair when it comes to waiting on Windows 8 setup to complete.  Windows 7 typically installs in a somewhat speedy 20 minutes, with Windows 8 and the Developer preview, the same process takes only 8 minutes.  In a Microsoft upgrade test, they also performed an upgrade from Windows 7 (to Windows 8) with 1.44 million files and 120 apps in 52 minutes, compared to 513 minutes in an upgrade to Windows 7 for the same amount of files and applications.

Microsoft will cater to two types of users in Windows 8.  The "get it done fast" type and also the power user variety.  There will also be an online install option in addition to the DVD box variety. 

In the Microsoft Blog they write "In Windows 8, customers do not have to install a separate download manager, mount the ISO to begin the installation, check the hash of the file for verification post-download, manually clean up unneeded files, or restart a download from the beginning should connectivity be interrupted" and "Setup takes care of all of these steps automatically, providing a fast, resilient, and easy setup experience. And again, this is true whether you just want to run a quick upgrade on an existing installation, or to create boot media for an advanced setup experience – either with GUI or unattended."

There will be an advanced setup, similar to what is used today in Windows 7 and then an unattended setup.

Even more, they claim that Windows 8 setup can be completed in as little as eleven clicks.

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