19 Jan 2012

Romibo is a "do-it-yourself robot for therapy, education and fun" that is being introduced by Aubrey Shick, CEO of Origami Robotics of Pittsburgh, PA, developed at Carnegie Mellon University via the NSF-funded Quality of Life Technology Center (QoLT).

Origami Robotics is a startup company from QoLT that showcased their products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year.

Robots such as Romibo have been shown to be highly therapeutic to children and other individuals with social, emotional and developmental disorders.  Robot therapy has been largely unavailable to the public due to the cost involved in the past.  This is where Romibo steps in.  Romibo can inspire kids to build social robots that are "pet-like" in nature and that are also affordable and able to adapt by making programming changes.

Later in this year, Romibo will be available as a kit online.  The kit will contain all the parts needed to create the system, which uses the Arduino open source microcontroller.  It will be able to operate autonomously or with remote control and also feature integration with Android and iPad systems. 

Thanks to its low cost and other innovative features such as viral distribution with online help as well as community workshops, Romibo should help start a new trend in social robot therapy and future innovation.

Read more on Romibo from their official press release here.

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