31 Jan 2012

Recently, questions have been arising as to whether or not Microsoft is really listening to user feedback regarding Windows 8 development.  If perhaps they have gone the direction of Apple and are just giving consumers what Microsoft thinks consumers want, rather than letting feedback drive the direction.  At least with file management, they seemed to have listened.

One area in particular, is the controversial Windows Explorer Ribbon.  It will now be minimized by default.

There are improvements in cut, copy, paste, rename and delete commands as well as improvements with file collisions and a new look and feel for Windows Explorer.

For instance, if you try to copy a file, it will let you filter out files of the same name, size and time.  Windows will no longer ask you to replace a file if it’s the same on both source and destination.

There are synchronization of key settings and options from one PC to another via Windows Live now possible.

You can also get details on private files quicker.  There is no longer an icon overlay to tell the difference between a private file and regular one.  Now instead, there is a column that tells you if the file is shared, not shared, or private.

Lastly, they have added the ability to pin favorite folders to the Start screen on the Metro interface.  There is also a favorite option for folders.

So at least with file management, there has been some response to feedback.  Frankly, I think Microsoft should have just spent some time, for instance, using the Xplorer2 interface and done the good old Apple technique of "taking something and improving it".  The main point here, is that the Windows Explorer interface is clunky and in need of many enhancements as it already stood.

Time will tell if other areas result in changes as well, particularly the Metro interface as a whole, which has caused quite a stir.  Some argue that the Metro interface really only has its place on consumer tablets, not desktops.  Then there is the question regarding whether the Windows 8 experience should be different on business devices and for that matter, why Microsoft doesn’t use just one SKU for everything, as Apple does.  As we get deeper into the Windows 8 beta, some of these answers will start to become clearer.

Source:  MSDN Blog

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