15 Feb 2012

We previously talked about the team drilling through Antarctic ice to get to Lake Vostok, finally they have reached the lake (after 20 years of drilling).  The team finally made it to the “alien” lake, so now the search for submerged UFO’s can begin.  Well, maybe not submerged UFO’s but definitely very unique science possibilities, such as new microbiological life forms.

A Russian news agency recently reported that they stopped drilling at a depth of 3,768 meters (~2 miles) and reached the surface of the lake.  There was a period of time where there was initial concern regarding the crew’s safety as they hadn’t heard back from the team for over 5 days.

Many scientific discoveries await the team as the lake has been isolated from outside influence, including possibly, air, for over 20 million years.   One area of interest is to study the lake to help scientists better understand climate change.

As I mentioned in the first article related to this subject, studying this lake and its conditions can be useful in understanding Jupiter’s moon Europa.

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