20 Feb 2012

Check out the jaw dropping trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.  Be sure to arm your weapons and get ready to defend Mother Earth this March, its going to be one tough battle.

Mass Effect 3 Details


Earth is burning and mankind may not survive. A race of terrorizing machines, known only as Reapers, from beyond known space has invaded our home planet and left a trail of destruction in its wake. With civilization on the brink of eradication, an Alliance Marine, Commander Shepard, is the last hope for humanity's survival. He must rally civilizations from around the galaxy to launch one final mission to take back Earth and save the human race from annihilation

MSRP:            $59.99
Developer:   BioWare
Release:       March 6, 2012
Publisher:     Electronic Arts
Genre:           Action, RPG
Rating:          M (Mature)
Multiplayer: Yes, Cooperative

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