21 Feb 2012

Imagine a future, where you are very far from your charging station for your electric vehicle, but you can relax as your car is charging as you drive.  If a team at Standford has their way, this future just might be sooner than we think.  A team of electrical engineers at Standford are proposing a system that would have embedded metal coils several feet apart on the highway.  The vehicle would have its own coil.  As the vehicle drives the embedded coils would wirelessly recharge the car's battery.

This technique is called magnetic resonance coupling and has already been proven in other applications such as a 60 watt bulb that was lit by MIT five years ago as an example.  Copper coils are tuned so they resonate at the same frequency and one coil passes the electric current to the other via the magnetic field.  The tuning is specialized so that you won't be fried while your vehicle is charged.

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