27 Feb 2012

We first reported that Google was making these types of glasses in our podcasts.  Now it would seem that we will be able to get them by years end and feel just like a Terminator.  First there was augmented reality on your smartphone, well move over, because now we will have augmented reality via a pair of glasses.  The cost is expected to range between $250 and $600.

These glasses are expected to be Android-based with a small screen that will be a few inches from the eye.  There will be a 3G or 4G connection and motion sensors as well as GPS.  Apparently users can use the navigation system using head tilting to scroll and click.  This method apparently becomes second nature and is almost unnoticeable by outside people.

There will be a camera built in, that can monitor things in real-world time and overlay relevant information.  This all raises privacy concerns and is being addressed by the team at Google X.

The glasses would naturally tap into existing Google software products.  All of the information displayed would be of the augmented reality variety, rather than a dedicated web browser or similar method.

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