09 Mar 2012

If you choose to live in the world of Windows 7 and the past, despite having Windows 8, then there is a way for you to do this.  Using the following technique you can have desktop mode load right at start up, after you log in, skipping the initial Metro interface.  This could also be useful for testing in some cases.

Step 1:  Explorer scf script

Open notepad and place the following inside:


Now save file as "showmydesktop.scf" and place somewhere you can get at it later, like c:\myscripts  

Step 2:  Windows Task Scheduler Settings

-Launch Task Scheduler from either search or via Administrative Tools in Control Panel

-Right click "Task Scheduler Library" and choose "Create Task"

-Enter a Name such as "ShowDesktop"

-Click the Trigger tab and New.. Choose "Begin the task" "At log on" and click OK.

-Click the Actions tab and choose New.. Then fill in the program/script with the path to the scf file as below and click OK

 -Click the Conditions tab and un-check "Stop if the computer switches to battery power" and click OK (this is in the case of laptops and other battery powered devices, so that it logs to the desktop whether plugged in or not).

You can now get straight to the desktop at boot up or after signing out then back in.  Keeping you safe in the arms of Windows past, at least on initial load.

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