20 Mar 2012

Man has dreamed of taking to the skies under his own power, with wings like that of a bird.  One man, Jarno Smeets, may have done just that with his own engineered birdwings. 

Take a look below at the amazing YouTube video, you see him get a running start then lift off the ground by flapping his wings flying for 100 meters.  Smeets is a mechanical engineer and has spent eight months researching and designing the birdwings with his Human Birdwings Project

He doesn't do so using his own strength alone.  The flapping is magnified by motors that are controlled by using Nintendo Wii controllers and an Android smartphone.  This flapping was demonstrated in the past by his team.  Take a look at the timeline from the project site which outlines much of these developments.

The Tech-Stew Take Home

So either this is one incredible moment for human flight, or its an Adobe After Effects gem.  I say its too good to be true.  Everyone remember the publicity stunts of past people, like the boy in the UFO weather balloon?  Something about the physics of the launch just don't add up either.  But, you be the judge.

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