20 Mar 2012

More rumors and speculation are swirling in tech land regarding the Xbox.  This time based on a patent for a virtual helmet that Microsoft filed a patent for in 2010.  The design is similar to that of a helmet, much like the failed Virtual Boy by Nintendo.  Its unclear if it would be for both the old and new Xbox or just the new one alone.  PatentBolt.com outlines how it would work and the workings seem fairly detailed:

"Microsoft states that a compact display system may be coupled into goggles, a helmet, or other eyewear. These configurations enable the wearer to view images from a computer, media player, or other electronic device with privacy and mobility. When adapted to display two different images concurrently--one for each eye--the system may be used for stereoscopic display (e.g., virtual-reality) applications."

Apparently the viewer would see the equivalent of a 21" display with two eyepieces, possibly implying 3D possibilities as well.  There could even be augmented reality (AR) ability, allowing you to see the games HUD through the helmet rather than on a screen.  The other area of possible integration could be with Kinect, imagine the possibilities here, if Microsoft executes and designs this well.

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