21 Mar 2012

Ever wished you could take a picture of something just around the next corner.  Well, Ramesh Raskar and a team from MIT's Media Lab have done something like this.  Through the use of lasers, the camera can gather images of objects hidden behind walls and then construct a 3D model.

The camera sends lasers off of visible walls and scattered photons reach the target object.  The time it takes for the photons to come back to the camera are recorded and repeated 60 times each time the laser is fired at a different position.  The image gets recorded each time and an algorithm is used to create a 3D model of the target, similar to how a CAT scan is done.  It takes several minutes to generate the model as of now, but the team hopes to shrink that to 10 seconds.  This technique could be useful for hard to reach or dangerous areas.

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