23 Mar 2012

The sky is falling  or at least an unknown object from outer space has.  A metal object the size of a small car was been discovered in a remote village in Siberia.  Local residents assumed it fell to Earth from space, however Russian space officials examined the object stating it "is not related to space technology."

The object is 440 pounds (200-kilograms).  It is cylindrical and has a dome on one end.  It was found in the woods near the village of Otradnesnky.  Apparently the residents attached it to a trailer and dragged it through the snow to the village.  After alerting the Moscow authorities on March 18th it was promptly taken away for investigation.  A final conclusion will be made once its studied further by experts.  They were able to determine it is made in part, of titanium and was not radioactive. 

Nick Johnson, head of NASA's orbital debris office said there is not enough information to make a full assessment, but it does not appear to be from a spacecraft.

It is still unclear whether the object did fall from space or had just become lost in the woods in route to a destination.

The Tech-Stew Take Home

There is  information missing from this story to really jump to any conclusions.  Where are the pictures of the "impact" site, assuming it truly did fall from space.  Earlier reports seem to indicate it may have been found back in December of 2011 when locals heard crashing in the woods.  Why the long lag to report the object?  Take a look at the video below, they show an object in the sky then cut to a man on a ladder, how are the two related if the UFO fell in the woods.  Also, the object in question looks to simple, almost like scrap metal from part of a larger object, to be that of an alien spacecraft for one thing.  Most likely this is another publicity stunt, or simply a piece of scrap metal that fell off a truck and someone decided to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Source:  foxnews.com

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