28 Mar 2012


Microsoft is proposing a standard that would speed up the internet, yes a standard folks.  While the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is meeting next week to discuss HTTP 2.0 solutions, Microsoft is proposing their own solution called HTTP Speed+Mobility, they claim it is based on Google's SPDY protocol.

Google's SPDY protocol is one candidate for HTTP 2.0.  It is similar to the existing HTTP protocol, but Google says its 50% faster.  Several browsers already use this technology, those of Chrome and Firefox.  Google and Twitter try to deliver pages using SPDY if possible.

SPDY is being considered by the IETF as a standard, but Microsoft is pitching Speed+Mobility, stating it boasts speed increases like SPDY, but also has elements from HTML5's WebSocket API.  With Microsoft's solution it brings speed to mobile devices and applications as well as desktops.

The co-creator of SPDY, Mike Belshe, has welcomed Microsoft and said he is looking forward to seeing some metrics on their solution.  Belshe also said the talk that SPDY is not for mobile is untrue that developers are happy to use SPDY in mobile apps, but he does go on to state, "it could always be better, of course."

Perhaps we will see both Microsoft and Google working together to create a standard that works for all parties?  It is in the best interest of both companies after all.  We can dream for now at least.

Source:  webmonkey, blogs.msdn.com

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