01 Apr 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 12:  Science Spectacular, recorded on Sunday 04-01-12

Summary:  The Nokia Lumia 900 is coming, Google Drive becomes a reality, Best Buy to close 50 store-fronts, strange clouds on Mars, aliens land in Arizona, SpaceX can get us to Mars for cheap, billions of habitable planets in our galaxy, antibody kills cancer in mice and more  

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Full Topic List:

-Nokia Lumia 900 coming
-Smoked by Android (Windows Phone controversy)
-Xbox Live adds HBO Go, MLB.tv and Comcast Xfinity apps
-Best Buy to close 50 US store fronts, in favor of mobile outlets in 2013
-Microsoft to speed up the web with Speed+Mobility
-Google Drive coming April 16th
-Stripped down ARM-based Xbox coming in late 2013, new Xbox console even later
-Windows 8 coming in October and Windows 8 Metro apps for businesses
-60 TB 3.5 hard drives coming from Seagate
-World's first 2 megajoule ultraviolet laser, closer to fusion
-More global warming than previously thought, new climate model
-Strange Cloud formations on Mars, a Mystery
-Going to Mars for 500,000 with SpaceX
-There should be billions of habitable planets in our galaxy
-Huge UFO fragment found in Siberia
-Single Antibody shrinks a variety of human tumors in mice

Pick of the week:

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Nod32 Antivirus for Business

PC:  Bluestacks

aCalendar for Android

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