12 Apr 2012

The Sony SmartWatch will communicate with your Android phone (Credit: Sony)
The Sony SmartWatch will communicate with your Android phone (Credit: Sony)

Have you ever wished you could wear a watch that could talk to your Android phone?  Look no further than the new Sony SmartWatch, yours from Sony for $150 from their online marketplace and in stores.

Sony's SmartWatch is a watch that allows users to read text messages, e-mail, social updates, manage calls and control music all from the wrist.  For this device to work, it connects to an Android-based handset via Bluetooth.

What makes this device useful to many, is that you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket all the time.  The strap comes in rubber and a choice of colors ranging from black, white to blue.  If you want anything but black you must purchase it separately.  The display is an OLED display 1.3-inches in size.  If you receive a new alert or call the device vibrates.

The watch was originally revealed at the Consumer Electronics show in January.  Sony said that the watch would work with Android phones from Sony, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others.  The battery life is pretty good, lasting four days on one charge and the phone is dust and splash proof, but don't expect to go deep sea diving though.

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