22 Apr 2012

The United States Patent and Trademark office recently published details regarding a Microsoft patent that relates to a two-sided smart device display system for phones and tablets.  The patent involves an integrated second low-power display, possibly E-Ink, on the back side of a smart device or tablet.  The secondary screen could allow a vendor to put less commonly used icons off of the main screen to free space or show other information not shown in the main screen.  The second display would use a low-powered processor to reduce the load from the main screen, helping with battery life. 

At first glance this technology seems similar to the Samsung smart-device skins technology which allows a user to change the appearance of a handset using chameleon-like technology and also could be used to display information on the backside of the device. 

Such a secondary screen could allow certain information to appear "molded" into the device, where it would wrap around the edges of the device.  Another great use of the backside display could be done when taking a photo.  When taking the photo the backside of the display could show some information like a countdown timer so the person knows when to smile.

Source:  Patentbolt.com

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