25 Apr 2012

In recent days we have seen the official release of Google Drive and Microsoft has reduced their SkyDrive default free space to 7GB from 25GB.  So how does it all break down.  Which service is the best, which offers the most space for the least amount of money?  Microsoft has provided a chart to compare services compared to the other big three ranging from iCloud to Google Drive to Dropbox.  So who is the true winner here? 

In the chart SkyDrive is compared to iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Credit: Microsoft
Credit: Microsoft

If you are concerned about features like security and reliability then the price or base features may not concern you, particularly if you are a business.  While for other users, the price of getting the space they need will certainly weigh in.

Taking a look at the main categories lets see who wins each round in this knockout fight.

Round 1:  Free Space

Winner:   SkyDrive
Reason:  SkyDrive offers 7GB of free storage, compared to lesser amounts for everyone else (25GB if you previously used the service).


Round 2:  Device Compatibility

Winner:   Varies
Reason:  This will depend on whether you prefer one set of services over another, such as Google services or Microsoft etc.


Round 3:  Microsoft Office Compatibility

Winner:    SkyDrive
Reason:   Microsoft


Round 4:  Large File Support

Winner:   Google Drive
Reason:  Google Drive allows for 5GB file sizes, with Skydrive and Dropbox being 2GB.


Round 5:  Paid Storage Pricing

Winner:   SkyDrive
Reason:  SkyDrive's pricing is the least expensive of the bunch.

If we base things on these 5 areas, then our winner here is SkyDrive.

One of the biggest features of SkyDrive is its seamless integration with Office and Windows.  You can save a document from Word on your PC and to the SkyDrive folder.  You could keep typing along at your work location using SkyDrive's website and the Word Web application.  Google on the other hand would force you to do conversions and create formatting issues.

You can utilize Skydrive to fetch other files in locations not just in SkyDrive, such as other PCs.  And of course, with Windows 8 you will be able to access your files from any app, automatically with synchronization as well.

As a side note, for comparison on user base:  Dropbox has 50 million users, Apple iCloud is reporting 125 million, Google App users are around 40 million, while SkyDrive users top out at 100 million as of this writing.

Now that SkyDrive can be used via mobile apps for Android, iOS and Microsoft has the desktop application, it becomes a clear winner for certain.

Source:  Microsoft

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