11 May 2012

According to Foxconn chief Terry Gou, his company is in the process of preparing to produce an Apple Television.

Gou held a news conference in Shanghai about his company's future plans.  During this conference he mentioned that Foxconn is preparing to produce the long-rumored television.  Development and manufacturing hasn't begun just yet though.

Since Gou is a prominent executive with knowledge of Apple's plans, there is some merit here.  In the past reports of the development of the Apple television have come from varying unidentified sources.  Apple has been very mum on revealing any plans to this point.

The current rumors suggest that this television could be equipped with support for Siri, a built in camera for FaceTime and access to the App Store. 

For years now the rumors of the television have circulated.  The Apple Television became an even bigger topic thanks to biographer Walter Isaacson who revealed that Steve Jobs had been working on a user-friendly television.

"I'd like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use," Jobs told Isaacson. "It would be seamlessly synched with all of your devices and with iCloud. It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it."

In the time following this interview, Bloomberg had reported that Apple enlisted it's vice president of consumer applications Jeff Robbin, to head up the development of the television.  Questions circulated after this as to whether this happened, but now thanks to Guo's comments it seems it did.

Now the big question is when will it launch.  It was suggested in March by J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz that it would be in 2014, not the end of 2013.

The Tech-Stew Take Home

Since this statement is coming from a Foxconn executive with close ties to Apple, it seems reasonable to assume this will come to light.  Of course there are many details on this that we don't know such as when it will be released and possible pricing.  One thing is probably certain is that the price could be high relatively speaking.  It is an Apple product after all.  That's not to say that you don't get what you pay for with a company like Apple.  With Apple you generally get a quality product. 

The real question for some may be whether or not it's a good idea to have a more complex television, with just another added layer that could break.  For many home theater buffs its nice to have separate components.  If the TV breaks you simply replace the unit or if a component fails, you replace that component not the whole TV. 

Although with some very cool added features like FaceTime and voice recognition this could make for a very unique television experience, out of the box, similar to having an Xbox with Kinect. 

However, lets not forget that Google has already attempted this television outlet and thus far it hasn't been very lucrative for them.  But all eyes will be on Apple to see if they can turn a connected/integrated television into another marketing success where others have failed.

Source:  Apple Insider

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