16 May 2012

Facebook messages now feature the ability to determine if the message you sent a friend has been read.

Every message you send now has this turned on by default.  The message gets marked as "seen" if the person is actively chatting or checking their messages.  No matter where you send the message from, whether your phone or the web it is enabled.

This change goes along with Facebook's new privacy policy which was updated last Friday. 

Some of the changes included those intended to provide extra information per an agreement between Facebook and the Irish Data Protection Commission.  They have clarified exactly which data is always made public and that your age range and gender can be made public.  Some information like your profile picture can be deleted from your timeline.  Language was added to the policy to reflect the fact that message viewing is now being tracked.

The Tech-Stew Take Home

Some may feel the added feature of being able to track messaging is a good addition.  Yet for others this brings up questions, those of privacy and also what exactly "seen" may mean.  One might wonder does "seen" mean has the message truly been read, is the other person reading it right now and so on.  Some choose to ignore friends but yet keep them as friends, where they basically only do one way viewing of that friends activity.  Now at least with messaging this changes the playing field a bit.  Personally, I find the added feature useful, as many friends just simply don't check their Facebook messages and knowing whether a message was possibly read is better than not knowing at all.

Source:  Facebook

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