23 May 2012

The outcry of people complaining about the Microsoft decision to keep Flash out of the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 in favor of HTML5 has produced a result.  There are leaks of the upcoming Windows 8 Release Preview (Release Candidate) showing Flash running on IE10 in the Metro interface but only on certain popular sites such as Disney.  Those sites seem to be ones that can be trusted with Flash and don't have an HTML5 alternative.

There has been no official confirmation from Microsoft on this change.  Don't hold your breath on the same features being in Windows 8 RT tablets (for ARM) as there isn't backwards compatibility there.

It was two years ago that Microsoft declared the future of video on web would be from HTML5.  Even though Adobe Flash is on the way out, much content still exists that uses Flash.  We already know that Metro IE will not support add-ons, so this move is somewhat surprising coming from Microsoft.  However, Microsoft has a close tie with Adobe and Adobe likely supplied Microsoft with the source code for Flash, allowing a tighter, more secure integration with IE 10.  Hence, this doesn't technically break Microsoft's no add-on policy and the code is tested in a way that meets their new standards.

Assuming this rumor is true, and it seems likely it is, when the June Release Preview comes out, hopefully IE 10 for Metro using Flash is a better experience than in other existing browsers as far as crashing and reliability is concerned.

Source:  WithinWindows.com via Winunleaded.tk

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