25 May 2012

Thursday Facebook launched a photo-sharing app called Facebook Camera, that looks to make it simpler for user's of the social network to upload and browse photos on smartphones.

This news comes weeks after Facebook spent $1 billion on the purchase of a similar app called Instagram.  It has also only been days since the company has gone public and received a mediocre response on Wall Street.

Facebook claims the app makes Facebook photos more fun and accessible.  They say that when you launch the app you will see a feed of photos from people you care about and you can swipe to see more of any album or tap to enlarge an individual photo.

The app will let users crop and add colorful filters.  People who use the app can upload multiple pictures at once and add a caption and tag friends.  It also allows for a higher resolution upload at 2048 x 2048 pixels.

So far the app is getting good reviews from early adopters and they say it is faster than the primary Facebook app.

Many are comparing the apps features to that of Instagram to see where the influences came from.  There are key similarities between the apps, but Facebook was likely working on this app long before they purchased Instagram.  The filters present in the Facebook Camera app were developed by Facebook and not borrowed from Instagram.  There are 15 filters and tools for cropping and straightening photos, similar to the tools within Apple's photo app.

The Facebook Camera app is targeting a different audience.  Instagram has 40 million users and Facebook has 900 million.  There is a large number of people who are not on Instagram but are taking and uploading photos Facebook. 

Source: Nytimes.com

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