31 May 2012

Apparently there seems to be a bug, at least in a few cases where the Skype add-on for Chrome version (at least this version) breaks the cut and paste ability of HTML/rich text.  The version of Chrome in this case was 19.0.1084.52.  If this add-on is enabled and Chrome is open and you attempt to copy text that isn't plain text, IE: HTML or Rich, upon pasting into a new document such as Word or Outlook, it simply pastes the plain text version.  The issue is also apparent in Firefox and all of it definitely points to the Skype Click to Call add-on.

The Solution

If you close Chrome or disable the add-on, the issue goes away.  It is especially noticeable if you use your mouse for cutting and pasting in conjunction with an Office application.  When you right click to paste the source, the only option you get is the plain text one as below.

Then when you disable the add-on or close Chrome and try again you get the usual paste options.

This issue has plagued users for some time and is a popular Skype forum topic.

Users can try version 5.11.4928 which we have confirmed does fix the issue.

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