12 Jun 2012

Tired of cutting your lawn yourself?  Then why not let the robotic mower from Bosch save you some time.  We have had automated mowers for some time, but Bosch claims this one is more automated than the competition.

The Bosch Indego mower is an electric, autonomous mower that can cut 10,700 square feet of grass with little human intervention.  Simply install a guide wire on the edge of your lawn and Indego will automatically avoid obstacles including garden gnomes, flower beds, and pets.

The mower uses a charger as a beacon and navigation guide, mowing in straight lines if possible. 

Running time is 20 minutes per full charge then a recharge time of 90 minutes.

The Indego is to be released in Scandinavia for $2,000 soon with a world-wide release coming in 2013.  Bosch claims the mower to be cheaper than gas-powered mowers and better for the environment.  However, $2000 is a steep price to pay when you can do it yourself for much less.  But then again, people will pay for the convenience of robotics, although imagine spinning blades and a robot who is suddenly self aware, what a combination.

Source:  YouTube / IEEE.org

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