12 Jul 2012

If you had previously performed an upgrade of Windows 8 with a different browser set as default, other than IE; Or if you ran a fresh install of Windows 8 and changed the default browser to something other than Internet Explorer then you have ran into the missing Metro IE version issue.  The solution is pretty simple and I actually covered it as part of my Windows 8 Upgrade article, but I am also including it here for ease of reading.

In some cases the tile itself doesn't go missing, but if you click the tile it only launches the desktop version of IE.  Here we restore the tile so it launches Metro IE.

This is the way Internet Explorer Metro is designed to behave by default.  Windows 8 will not show the Metro Tile for IE 10 if another browser is set as the default (or some of the associations are).  To get Metro IE back you have to set IE defaults from within the desktop version of IE:


  1. Open the desktop version of IE and go to Tools, Internet Options, Programs tab then click "Set Associations"
  2. Enable all options and apply the changes

    The Metro icon should now look like this

Also note that Metro IE only works if your screen resolution is set to at least 1024x768 as well.  After making this change, other browsers still remain the default browser, such as Chrome or Firefox and Metro IE remains in the Start Screen.

Note that the key setting that seems to trigger the change comes from the Protocols section.. the HTTP and HTTP options:

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