12 Jul 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic
the MMO from EA, which is set 3500 years before the Star Wars movies, is now free to play until your character is at level 15.  EA has offered previous trials, but they were time based or even reward based.  People who have done previous trials are eligible for this one as well.

Meet up with friends with flashpoint or compete against anyone in Person vs Person warzones.  You can see the origins of the eight character classes in the time it takes to reach level 15.

This new offer by EA is most likely a response to the recent user decline.  The Old Republic lost 400,000 subscriptions between February and May, a troubling thing in and of itself.  If EA's efforts fail, it may  become free-to-play.  Bioware has been said to be investigating whether or not to make the move to free-to-play.  Currently, after level 15 you must pay $14.99 per month to keep the account active.  Taking the free-to-play model and applying it here may not be a bad move in reality, as many companies are starting to go this direction, charging for add-ons and other content instead.

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