16 Aug 2012

Rumors according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley are that Microsoft is already working on updates to Windows 8, code-named "Blue" due out sometime next year, possibly in the summer.

It is believed this will be an interim update rather than a full Windows 9 release.  It's unclear if this will be simply a patch or an update that adds new features.  Foley elaborated:

The word seems to be, whichever it is, that Microsoft is moving away from the big-bang Windows release schedule to which it typically has adhered, and is now attempting to move toward something more like what Apple does, with point releases.  I'll be curious if Blue eventually gets a version number, like Windows 8.1 or 8.5 or something.

It is quite possible that Microsoft may move away from the 3-year product cycle for big releases, in favor of more frequent updates that add features.  This has been the way Apple has done things for the last ten years or more along with a major release upgrade fee of $20, as with the latest Mountain Lion release.

This also isn't the first time codename Blue has been used before.  It was previously used with Azure and MSN.

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