20 Aug 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast #21: RTM Happiness, Recorded on August 17th, 2012


OnLive breaking news, no optical drive for the next Xbox, Google demoting pirated sites from search results, RTMs for Windows 8 and Visual Studio, Mars Curiosity and more.

**Note, there was a recording glitch around 1hr 11min, the UStream version is shorter than the full download or YouTube link here.

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Audio version here.

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Full Topic List:

-OnLive (initial) rumors of employees being fired and bankruptcy
-No disc drive in the next Xbox?
-Google filtering pirate sites in search results, popular sites will be ok
-Windows 8 RTM available for download, along with a trial
-Faster release schedule coming for major Windows updates, codename Blue next year
-SkyDrive aesthetic overhaul
-RTMs of Visual Studio 2012, TFS 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5 available for download
-Curiosity landing on Mars, photos
-Room temperature Maser created
-500 lb RC airplane model

Tips and Picks


iOS:  Pitfall!


-How to get rid of the all CAPS menu in Visual Studio 2012

-How to boot directly to the desktop

Use this QR code in a QR reader application on mobile to open quickly on a mobile device

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