23 Aug 2012

While aesthetically there aren't any major changes with the Facebook 5.0 iOS app there are improvements that make the app faster than before.  According to Facebook, the app was "rebuilt from the ground up," and is supposed to be twice as fast as the past version.  Overall the app features smoother and faster scrolling and photos load "instantly" thanks to changes from switching from HTML5 to iOS native programming.  I've complained about the iOS Facebook app being slow on our podcasts in the past, at least on a first impression, it appears there is less to complain about with this version at least in terms of speed.

I've installed the new update and made some initial observations.  The app itself opens faster than before.  The news feed fills with information quicker and viewing other people's Facebook profiles loads much faster.  Clicking on urls in the news feed, still takes at least in a few tests, about 10 seconds for the page to go from a blank white page to the actual article you are viewing.  But overall it does feel much speedier than the past version.  Although many of the missing functionality features found in the web based version are still missing in this update.  This would include things like being able to filter status updates from certain people or simple things like being able to email a link to a URL in the Facebook status feed directly, without having to first open an iOS browser and then email the link.  Overall though, the app is much quicker to respond and far more useable than before.

Source:  Facebook

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