14 Sep 2012

Tech-Stew Podcast Episode 23: iPhone 5 and Nokia WP8; Accu-Feel for FSX


Apples shiny new iPhone 5 and other apple announcements, Nokia has a great looking new Windows Phone 8, Microsoft 3D projected game patent, an object hits Jupiter, Accu-sim for FSX and more.

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  • The Wii U gets a release date in the USA along with pricing. 
  • iPhone 5 specs and pricing announced, along with the new iPod Touch and Nano. 
  • A revamped GUI for iTunes is coming to your Mac or PC in late October. 
  • Intel has a more power friendly Haswell CPU coming in 2013 to compete with ARM. 
  • The Nokia 920 and 820 are coming soon and they look great along with some pretty decent specs. 
  • An object strikes Jupiter and is caught by an amateur astronomer on film. 
  • Antimatter and fusion space travel within 50 years (the 100 year Starship symposium kicks off)? 
  • We look at a very cool new 3D graphic engine called Outerra and its flagship demo game called Anteworld
  • Accu-feel for FSX examined and the free Paragon Image Backup for Windows 8.
  • Bluetooth OBD2 adapters to analyze codes from your car

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