16 Nov 2012

Rex Game Studios is working on a new add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (and Prepar3D) called Rex Latitude which will help enhance your virtual piloting experience to a whole new level.  They plan on releasing the paid add-on to the general public on 11-22-12. **Now that Latitude is released, check out our first impressions article here. **

REX Latitude can be thought of as a massive multi-player environment for real pilots and simmers.  With Latitude you will find yourself striving to fly better each time you take to the virtual skies and even more so as you compare yourself to others.  You can even watch your friends on a real time map.  After each flight you can upload your results to the REX servers. 

Latitude will track your progress over your entire "career" as a virtual pilot.   Latitude will judge how you fly during the various phases of flight, such as takeoff, climbs, descents and so on.   Latitude looks to enhance the flight simulator experience and make flying an aircraft in a simulator something that feels like you are doing something more than just flying a simulation from point A to point B.  The creators hope that Latitude will be a good complement to online flying such as VATSIM and IVAO.  They also plan on doing injection of traffic into FSX, allowing for the use of Latitude as a "multiplayer" component to FSX while giving you the option of an ATC provider. 

As stated, Latitude judges how you fly and gives you a score, however as of now this score won't be defined by failures in flight necessarily.  One area that is probably going to be included is structural speed.  You are allowed 15 seconds of max structural speed.

Latitude won't directly tie in with VA (Virtual Airlines), its judging is more individual, but there is a feature that will be added after release called groups which will be useful to VA's and other organizations.

Latitude won't have a historical map, but rather a real time map as you fly.  It will include a built-in fuel planner, but flight planning should be done first (like with Rex Essentials+) and know the distance you are going to fly, average headwind/tailwind and altitude.  The flight planner will then provide a conservative estimate on fuel required based on a generalization.

Latitude won't have voice chat, but will have a text based chat feature.

The plan is to have Latitude grow and evolve over time based on customer requests.  Indications are that it will be a one time fee initially, but there is a chance that this add-on may grow into a subscription based plan over time, depending on how the product does.

Rex Game Studios is hard at work on another multi-player component called SimAir.  They have also created their flagship project Real Environment Extreme, which now has an enhanced and updated version called Rex Essentials Plus Overdrive.

Source:  Rexlatitude.com, Realenvironmentextreme.com

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