20 Nov 2012


Steven Sinofsky says bye to Microsoft, Google Fios hits 700mbps, Ads in Windows 8, Server 2012 Essentials detailed, possible habitable Super-Earth discovered, UFOs over Denver and Rex Essential Plus Overdrive is released.

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  • Steven Sinofsky steps down at Microsoft
  • New iOS Google Maps nearly ready
  • Google fios hits 700mbps
  • Ads in Windows 8
  • Xbox surface rumors
  • Surface RT 32GB only gives you 16GB of space
  • Google and Dish in talks for new wireless service
  • Microsoft Server 2012 Essentials details
  • Astronomers discover a possible habitable Super-Earth
  • China has a mystery space plane
  • Photon amplifier for quantum computers gets around the Schrodinger cat issue
  • UFOs over Denver
  • Rex Essential Plus Overdrive is released
  • Lync 2013 client options
  • Pinnacle Game Profile tool for game controller emulation
  • Fuhu Nabi 2 Android Tablet

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